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Programming + More

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

See this is the type of topic I really do not care very much for.

It is the one thing that seems to have been the bane of my Level Design existence; programming.

It is my understanding that, as a Level Designer, the knowledge for programming does not need to be extensive, but should be known. A great man by the name of Warren Spector once told me (yes… personally… yes I met him!) that “the more you know, the better off you will be in the Gaming Industry.”

With that said, a foundation in Programming could only help me as a Level Designer to be more versatile and better prepared for issues that may and will arise. However, there is just one problem: I for the life of me, cannot understand C/C+ C# or any of that. I have countless books detailing the languages but still it just comes up empty. I can sit there and read up on all of it, and it will not sink in. The ONLY “programming” knowledge I can say has sunk in is Unreal Script. Of course I do sometimes force myself to use UDK as a way to train myself. After-all Unreal is one of, if not the most widely used Editor in the industry. Since D.I.C.E. will not let me use Frostbite 2 (yea… I have asked lol) I tend to stay away from the proprietary engines such as Source, CryEngine, ect.

Now that is not to say I have not tried, as I do like the Hammer Editor, and I find it one of the easiest tools to use (sometimes); UDK just speaks more volumes to me for some reason. It may be because when I jumped from using Blender 3d to UDK that it was such a vast improvement and a better UI that it just stuck with me.
Anyways, lately I have been hard at work on my demo reel; mostly coming up short. I have it in my head that every map I design is not as good as what the next person will do. I am not sure if I am becoming a perfectionist or if it just reality. I look at some of the industry professionals work and just think every little bit of it is awesome. What could I possibly do that could grab the attention of a possibly employer?

I think I will write more tonight, see ya!


This…Is…Good Meatloaf!

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my little personal world, please introduce yourself to the others and take a seat.

This entire blog is to serve as my little getaway from everything, mainly work. Work is a harsh thing to do, and you are more than likely not wanting to know what it is I do; but I am going to tell you anyways.

On a regular basis I am a Video Game / Hardware Journalist, which I own and operate a whole network of websites dedicated to things around a broad spectrum. For instance the one I frequent most is ; a full time Video Game Review website. Although lately, it has been more on the hardware side as games are becoming harder and harder to come by. I am helped by a ton of big name companies, such as: Corsair, SteelSeries, VisionTek, Activision, EA, and such. Though it seems it has been slowing down because of a move I am doing. We are moving back to our old office space.
Anyways, this is again just my spot to rant and rave about all sorts of juicy goodness. In this particular blog you will find information on Level Design, maybe some videos, rants, and video game stuff. So sit back, and enjoy the crazy ride!