Programming + More

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

See this is the type of topic I really do not care very much for.

It is the one thing that seems to have been the bane of my Level Design existence; programming.

It is my understanding that, as a Level Designer, the knowledge for programming does not need to be extensive, but should be known. A great man by the name of Warren Spector once told me (yes… personally… yes I met him!) that “the more you know, the better off you will be in the Gaming Industry.”

With that said, a foundation in Programming could only help me as a Level Designer to be more versatile and better prepared for issues that may and will arise. However, there is just one problem: I for the life of me, cannot understand C/C+ C# or any of that. I have countless books detailing the languages but still it just comes up empty. I can sit there and read up on all of it, and it will not sink in. The ONLY “programming” knowledge I can say has sunk in is Unreal Script. Of course I do sometimes force myself to use UDK as a way to train myself. After-all Unreal is one of, if not the most widely used Editor in the industry. Since D.I.C.E. will not let me use Frostbite 2 (yea… I have asked lol) I tend to stay away from the proprietary engines such as Source, CryEngine, ect.

Now that is not to say I have not tried, as I do like the Hammer Editor, and I find it one of the easiest tools to use (sometimes); UDK just speaks more volumes to me for some reason. It may be because when I jumped from using Blender 3d to UDK that it was such a vast improvement and a better UI that it just stuck with me.
Anyways, lately I have been hard at work on my demo reel; mostly coming up short. I have it in my head that every map I design is not as good as what the next person will do. I am not sure if I am becoming a perfectionist or if it just reality. I look at some of the industry professionals work and just think every little bit of it is awesome. What could I possibly do that could grab the attention of a possibly employer?

I think I will write more tonight, see ya!


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